King Rooster
King Rooster
Official King Rooster V1 whitepaper on 27 October 2021
The NFTs due to their particularities, being these unique, indivisible, transferable and with the ability to prove their scarcity; today they represent one of the greatest advances in technology, finance, innovation and above all, the unique opportunity to revalue art. We believe that it is essential to use NFT technology to improve the art of a game and guarantee a sustainable and sustainable financial ecosystem within it.
King Rooster is the first Blockchain-based "PLAY TO WIN" (P2E) Cock-Fighting NFT GAME, where players can raise, care for, feed, train and breed their roosters.
The game was designed to give a gradual growth to our players, generate a competitive internal market that allows the interaction of all our players with total independence and without charge for each transaction generated (Only in withdrawal transactions).
Among the options proposed by King Rooster, the possession of the "Ring" stands out, whose income is passive and is determined by the number of events and bets that are made in it. These rings are NFT assets that players can acquire to diversify their investments within the world of King Rooster.
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